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Tony H
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If you've had an experience or know of any stories in your area, please post them here!

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During a hard time in my life, I would see a black figure in my room and only in my room. I saw a black figure once run into my room. One time I saw a white figure standing in my dark bathroom. We used to keep fixing one picture that kept hanging crooked. I also get weird, very cold spots in the car floating around my knees/hands. It happens when it's cold, warm, anytime and I can not recall the windows open and happens w/o ac on. It's so cold it feels like ice. 

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Nelson Gougeon
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I recently lived in collinsville in a home for 25plus yrs with my wife.We started to fix it up soon after moving in,Started having problems right away,got to be pretty bad.My wife never heard anything but i sure did.I was kinda glad to leave,realy loved the home it was us.Will go into detail if anyones interested,also several other stories where i saw an asperition????not sure how to spell the word.P.m me if interested im a straight shooter.Nick G.

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