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I have always had a sense of when something is watching me in my house.  The activity started to increase last week, about the time of that whole moon episode. Ashley feels it too in the upstairs hallway, It is the strongest when you leave the house and come back in to get something you forgot its like its standing at the top of the stairs waiting for you to leave again.  Last week my daughter woke up with scratches inside of her mouth and her arm was numb for a whole day, she said it felt like someone was holding her tightly their. The next night I awoke at 310 in the morning to a feeling of someone holding my arm I looked up and caught a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. It happened again the next night.  We have 2 dogs one who is free to roam the house the other is in a crate while we are out.  My son called me Sat. night totally freaked out, the roaming dog was sitting in a arm chair at the kitchen table shaking, here is the thing no one was home. He can not get into the chair on his own, and the chair was pushed all the way in under the table so he was trapped by the arms.  My son had to pull the chair out to get him down. I am going to do some investigation of my own here, pics and recordings to see what we can turn up. I will keep you all updated.

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