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I need help trying to figure out what kind of visitor I have in my house. I have read some forums and I am torn on what it might be and its really starting to freak my husband out (since it mainly messes with him). It's been going on since 12/24/2012 and it only happens when I am home and started in the bedroom. My TV would pop really loud and then my husband would feel this cold, static electricity come over him and he said it feels like it goes through his back making him loose his breath and you can feel it on the bed like a cat is softening up getting ready to lay down and it will happen maybe 3 to 4 days straight then go away and come back like 2 weeks later. I can feel the breeze as it passes by me to get to him in the living room and it always seems to mess with the back of my hair. Last week I got home from work and the whole cold air, electricity going through him happened again, we left the house 10 minutes later to go to gym and it was in the car with us you could feel it in the back seat and it went through my husband again. Just a couple of nights ago is the first time it bothered him when I wasn't home, but was talking to him on the phone. He says in the upstairs when he stands he feels like its behind him and hes being watched and he feels like its touching his elbows and my cats always look behind him like they see something. We sat out bibles and read it aloud when it comes around but I am really not thinking its a Demon because its doesn't fit the criteria, We have seen shadows out of the corner of our eyes but its just weird and affecting his sleeping causing him fatigue because he is waiting for it to bump the bed or crawl up on him like it does. Any Ideas or suggestions?

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S.King If you still need Help our team would be more than happy to help Tony's not investigating any more.. but go to Coast to Coast Paranormal on Facebook where local . 

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