The Parkside Hotel (City Tavern)

                                                                     "I'm Still Here"    



             "Get Out"                                EVP of something sighing


164 North Restaurant - Kankakee, Illinois

 Basement - Ovilus answers "during" and EVP saying "help me" at the end of the recording (whole file)

Basement - EVP saying "help me" (isolated file)

Basement - EVP saying "zero" or something similar

Basement -  EVP saying inappropriate word "F"

Basement - EVP unknown

Banquet Room - "Are we bothering you" Ovilus answers "very"

Banquet Room - "Carrie leave or stay" Ghost Box reply "thank you"

Banquet Room - Ghost Box "is anyone listening" - Bar phone rings - Ovilus answers "phone"

Banquet Room -   EVP saying "take Carrie picture" (whole) and (isolated)

Banquet Room - "let me know you're here" Ovilus answers "ok"

Banquet Room -  EVP "it's a check" or "it's Jack"