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Crete Illinois- Ax-Man’s House - In the 1970’s a man murders his wife and children along with two police officers, with an ax (Reports Say). After killing them he hung them from hooks in the meat shed on the back of his lot. The police department chased him through the woods near his home, he was shot dead only a few yards from a small bridge. When you enter enter the woods a strange feeling of being watched is felt and you can sometimes hear children laughing or screaming.(**When the house was there) **If you go around to the back of the house you can still see the blood splattered in the shed. In the house you will find a staircase that leads into the ceiling. If you go into one of the upstairs bedrooms you will find women’s shoes all over the floor and if you look out the window you will see what looks like a woman hanging from a rope in the tree. You can also still see the path that the ax man ran down to try to avoid the police. He is said to still haunt the bridge near where he died.
Path to Axe Man's Bridge
Axe Man's Bridge
Axe man's Bridge Opposite Side
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